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Hello, and welcome to my publications.  

Books / special editions

1.  Thomas, M. Y., T. M. Mitchell, and H. S. Bhat (2017), Fault Zone Dynamic Processes Evolution of Fault Properties During Seismic Rupture, Geophys Monogr Ser, 227, Xi-Xiii, doi:Book_Doi 10.1002/9781119156895.


2. Di Toro, G., Ferri, F., Mitchell, T.M., Mittempergher, S., Pennacchioni, G, (Eds.) 2012, Physico-Chemical Processes in Seismic Faults. Journal of Structural Geology, 38, pp. 1-278. Guest editor.


Papers in review/revision

100. * Fracture growth and damage zone evolution in fault-vein systems determined through scaling relations in alteration halo-bearing hydrothermal veins.  (in review). Hofer-Apostolidis, K.A., Cembrano, J., Browning, J., Perez-Flores, P., Mitchell, T.M., Meredith, P.M., Rojas, F., Xu, T.

99. 3D and 2D clast analysis of Apollo 17 core sample 73002: insights into the Light Mantle dynamics and regolith reworking. Magnarini G., Mitchell T. M., Grindrod P. M., Bell S., Joy K., Shearer C., Eckley,, Ziegler R. and the ANGSA Science Team 

98. Rasmussen, M., Eppes, M. C., Mushkin, A., Meredith, P.G., Mitchell, T.M.,, Yuan, Y., Keanini, R., Aldred, J. , Andričević, P., Berberich, S., Dahlquist, M.P., Evans, S., Jain, M., Morovati, M., Layzell, A., Nara, Y., Rinehart, A., Sellwood, E., Shaanan, E. What doesn't break rock makes it tougher.

97. Adamus, F., Stanton-Yonge, A., Mitchell, T.M., Healy, D., Meredith, P.M. Uniaxial compression of 3D printed samples with voids: laboratory measurements compared to predictions from Effective Medium Theory

96. Elsigood, B., Brantut, N., Meredith, P., Healy, D., Mitchell, T.M., Aben, F.  Stress-induced anisotropic poroelasticity in Westerly granite

95.  Aben, F. Farrington, K. Galvan Sanchez, B., Mitchell, T.M., Miller, S., Rockwell, T., Girty, G., Ostermeijer, G., Weschler, N.  Chemically altered Pulverized granite along the Mojave section of the SAF shows evidence for large-scale heat transfer by post-seismic fluid flow and fluid overpressure at depth. 

94.  Near-surface velocity structure of a seismogenic fault zone in tight carbonates: petrophysical constraints and fault mechanics implications.  Fondriest, M. Mitchell, T.M., Vassallo, M., Garambois, S., Di Giulio, G., Balsamo, F., Passelegue, F.X., Aben, F., Pischiutta, M., Doan, M., Larose, E., Di Toro, G., Voisin, C.

Published papers


Note: Student papers have * and are underlined.


93. Filip P. Adamus, David Healy, Philip G. Meredith, Thomas M. Mitchell. Multi-porous extension of anisotropic poroelasticity: linkage with micromechanics

92.Filip P. Adamus, David Healy, Philip G. Meredith, Thomas M. Mitchell, Ashley Stanton-Yonge. Multi-porous extension of anisotropic poroelasticity: consolidation and related coefficients

91. Rojas, F., Browning, J. Tuffen, H., Cembrano, J.,  Espinosa-Leal, J., Unwin, H.  Mitchell, T.M., Hofer-Apostolidis, K., Meredith, P.G.  Textural evidence of fragmentation and densification processes in a fossilised shallow conduit on the flank of Nevados de Chillán Volcanic Complex.

90. North, T.L., Muxworthy, A.R., Williams, W., Mitchell, T.M., Collins, G.S., & Davison, T.M.  The effect of stress on paleomagnetic signals: A micromagnetic study of magnetite’s single-vortex response


89.  Magnarini, G., Grindrod, P., Mitchell, T.M. (2023) Slope Deformation Associated with Recent Tectonism and the Lasting Effect of Local Subsurface Geometry in the Taurus-Littrow Valley, Apollo 17 Landing Site. JGR Planets.

88. * Yang Yuan; Tao Xu; Philip G. Meredith; Thomas M. Mitchell; Michael J. Heap; Guanglei Zhou; Ashley Stanton-Yonge Sesnic. (2023) A microplane-based anisotropic damage model for deformation and fracturing of brittle rocks

87.  G. Magnarini, S. Aretusini, T. M. Mitchell, G. Pennacchioni, G. Di Toro, Schmitt, H. (2023). Frictional properties of anorthosite-bearing gouges and implications for long runout lunar landslides JGR Planets

86. * Stanton-Yonge, A., Mitchell, T.M., Meredith, P.M.(2023) The Hydro-Mechanical Properties of Fracture Intersections: Pressure-Dependant Permeability and Effective Stress Law. 

85. Xu, T., Xue, Y.; Heap, M.J., ; Meredith, P.G., ; Mitchell, T.M., ; Wasantha, P.L.P. Time-dependent cracking and brittle creep in macrofractured sandstone.  


84. * Masoch, S., Fondriest, M., Gomila, R., Jensen, E., Mitchell, T.M., Cembrano, J., Pennacchioni, G., Di Toro, G. (2022) Along-strike architectural variability of an exhumed crustal-scale seismogenic fault (Bolfin Fault Zone, Atacama Fault System, Chile)​.  

83. Andreuttiova, L., Hollingsworth, J., Vermeesch, P., Mitchell, T.M., Bergman, E. Revisiting the 1959 Hebgen Lake earthquake using optical image correlation; new constraints on near-field 3D ground displacement

82 Harbord, C., Brantut, N., David, E. & Mitchell, T.M.  A high pressure, high temperature gas medium apparatus to measure acoustic velocities during deformation of rock.

81. Lyakhovsky, V., Panteleev, I., Shalev, E., Browning, J., Mitchell, T.M., Healy, D., Meredith, P.G. A new anisotropic poroelasticity model to describe damage accumulation during cyclic triaxial loading of rock (in review, GJI). 

80. Ostermeijer, G., Aben, F.M., Mitchell, T.M., Rockwell, T.K., Rempe, M., Farrington, K.  Evolution of co-seismic off-fault damage towards pulverisation (in press, EPSL)

79. Platt, J, Mitchell, T.M., Prior, D.J., Negrini, M., Fan, S., Jefferd, M., Winnard, B.  Stress sensitivity of high-temperature microstructures in quartz and ice. (in press, JSG)


78. Magnarini, G.,  Mitchell, T.M., Grindrod, P., Schmitt, H.  The control of landslide lateral confinement over deposit thickness and longitudinal ridges behaviour: the tsiolkovskiy crater landslide, the moon. (in press, JGR Planets)

77. Magnarini,G., Mitchell, T.M., Goren, L., Grindrod, P. and Browning, J. Implications of longitudinal ridges for the mechanics of ice-free long runout landslides. (EPSL)

76. Tengfei Fu, Tao Xu, Philip Meredith, Thomas Mitchell, Michael Heap, Yoshitaka Nara. (in press, IJRMMS) Meso-mechanical approach to time-dependent deformation and fracturing of partially saturated sandstone

75. Masoch, S., Gomila, R., Fondriest, M., Jensen, E., Mitchell, T.M. , Pennacchioni, G., Cembrano, J., Di Toro, G. (Tectonophysics) Structural evolution of a large-scale seismogenic fault in a magmatic arc: The Bolfin Fault Zone (Atacama Fault System)


74. Gomila, R., Fondriest, M., Jensen, E., Spagnuolo, E., Masoch, S., Mitchell, T.M., Magnarini, G., Bistacchi, A., Mittempergher, S., Faulkner, D., Cembrano, J., Di Toro, G.  (G cubed.) Frictional melting in fluid–rich faults: Field and experimental evidence from the Bolfín Fault Zone (Chile).

73. Mahzari P., Sesnic AS, Sanchez-Roa C., Saldi G., Mitchell T.M., Oelkers EH., Hjorleifsdottir V., Snaebjornsdottir S. O., Ratouis T., Striolo A., Jones AP., (2021) Characterizing fluid flow paths in the Hellisheidi geothermal field using detailed fault mapping and stress-dependent permeability, Geothermics, (in press).


72.  Baird, T.R., Bristow, S., Luo, W., Du, E., Bryant, R.G., Mitchell, T.M., & Vermeesch, P.  Blowouts of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau: Morphometrics and Mass Balances derived from Structure-from-motion, geospatial reconstructions, and ground-penetrating radar (GPR) surveys, (in press), Frontiers in Earth Sciences

71. Mahzari, P, Mitchell, T.M., Jones, A.P, Westacott, D., Striolo, A.  (Nature Scientific Reports), Direct Gas-in-Place Measurements Prove Much Higher Production Potential than Expected for Shale Formations

70. Meyer, G., Brantut, N., Mitchell, T.M., Meredith, P. & Plumper , O. Time dependent mechanical crack closure as a potential rapid source of post‐seismic wave speed recovery : insights from experiments in Carrara marble. (JGR Solid Earth)


69. Stanton-Yonge, A., Sánchez-Roa, C., Mitchell, T.M., Snæbjörnsdóttir, S.O., Meredith, P.  Structural Patterns and Transitional States of Stress in an Active Triple Junction: the Hengill Region, SW Iceland


68. Mr Tengfei Fu, Tao Xu, Dr Michael Heap, Professor Philip Meredith, Dr Tianhong Yang, Thomas Mitchell, Professor Yoshitaka Nara. Analysis of capillary water imbibition in sandstone via a combination of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and numerical DEM modelling. Engineering Geology


67. Jefferd, M., Brantut, N., Meredith, P.G., Mitchell, T.M. Compactive Sandstone Deformation under Crustal Temperatures and Pressures. JGR Solid Earth


66. Montheil, L. Toy, V.G, Scott, J. M., Mitchell, T.M. & Dobson, D.  Influence of coseismic frictional melting on particle size, shape distribution and chemistry of experimentally-generated pseudotachylite: examples from tonalite and Westerly Granite


65. Matthew T. Dorsey, Thomas K. Rockwell, Gary H. Girty, Giles A. Ostermeijer, John Browning, Thomas M. Mitchell, John M. Fletcher.  Evidence of Hydrothermal Brine Circulation Driving Elemental Mass Redistribution in an Active Fault Zone. Journal of Structural Geology


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63. Aben, F.M., Brantut, N., Mitchell, T.M., 2020. Off-Fault Damage Characterization During and After Experimental Quasi-Static and Dynamic Rupture in Crustal Rock From Laboratory P Wave Tomography and Microstructures. Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 125, e2020JB019860.


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